What is an Electronic Cigarette?

An electronic cigarette is a device that simulates the actions of smoking a tobacco cigarette.   It does this by creating a vapor mist which is inhaled just like the smoke from a traditional cigarette.   The inhaling of this vapor mist produces a sensation which is virtually identical to that of a conventional cigarette.

Physically, the electronic cigarette is almost identical to a real one.   It is cylindrical in shape just like a cigarette.   Although most are a bit larger than a cigarette, there are a few electro-cig manufacturers that make them the exact same size and shape as an actual cigarette.

In technical terms, the electro-cig is an electronic atomizing device.   That's not really as technically complicated as is sounds.   To atomize something simply means to reduce it to a fine spray or mist.   This reducing into a fine spray thing is done electronically in a small cylindrical device

Some electro-cigs are disposable;   just like a traditional cigarette;   you smoke it then you toss it.   Most however, are re-usable, 2 part contraptions.   One part is the cartridge, which simulates the filter and the other part is the atomizer, which simulates the tobacco-packed end.

It is the job of the atomizer to do the vaporizing.   The atomizer consists of an element responsible for vaporizing the liquid, and generally consists of a simple filament.

The atomizer will continue this vaporizing for what is the equivalent of about 2 to 3 packs of cigarettes.   Once it's done, it is easily recharged by simply plugging it in to its re-charging unit.   You can buy a re-charging unit for a few bucks but if you get a starter kit, you get one free.

The cartridge is the mouth-piece end of the electro-cig.   Its job is to hold the flavoring.   Cartridges usually last for the equivalent of about 1 to 3 packs of cigarettes.   Replacing the cartridge is as easy as replacing the atomizer.   It is done by simply unscrewing the old one and screwing in a new one.   The whole replacement process takes about ten seconds.

Most electro-cig companies charge about 2 dollars per replacement cartridge.   These replacement cartridges come in hundreds of different flavors.   These include various dosages of nicotine and menthol.   They're also available in many flavors without nicotine.   These include cherry, strawberry, vanilla, coffee, mint and banana, just to name a few.

One of the best things about the electro-cig is that you don't have to light it.   You just pick it up, put it between your lips, and inhale.   Then put it back in to your pocket or pocketbook.   You'll never have to ask for a light again.   You'll never have to buy a lighter again.

Since there's no smoke involved, you can smoke then in most restaurants, bars, nightclubs or even sports arenas.   Looking for an ashtray will be a thing of the past.

and the award goes to . . . the one and only . .
the Electro-Cigs !

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  • If James Dean were alive today - he'd be smoking electronic cigarettes.
  • If every smoker switched to e-cigs - it would save the medical industry over 100 Billion dollars a year.
  • Let's all switch to e-cigs and stick it to the tobacco lobbiests.
  • Imagine - no more burn holes in your new carpet.
  • Don't worry about the Bic company - they still got pens.
  • Ever drink a beer with a butt in it? - not any more.
  • Remember having to go out the side door - when its 10 below?
  • You know that A-H at work who complains about smokers all the time - blow some vaper in his face.
  • What the heck are we gonna do with all those ashtrays?
  • You know where Phillip Morris and R.J. Reynolds can go.
  • I heard that OBL was a smoker.