Presidents Who Were Smokers

Left: Obama in Kenya during 2008 campaign
Center: Obama visiting BP Oil Spill site Gulf Coast
Right: Obama today (2012)

        Barack Obama - Cigarettes

        Bill Clinton - Cigars

        Gerald Ford - Pipe

        Richard Nixon - Cigars

        Lyndon Baines Johnson - Cigars/Cigarettes

        John F. Kennedy - Cigars/Cigarettes

        Dwight Eisenhower - Cigarettes

        Franklin Delano Roosevelt - Cigarettes

        Herbert Hoover - Cigars

        Calvin Coolidge - Cigars

        Warren Harding - Cigars

        William Taft - Cigars

        William McKinley - Cigars

        Grover Cleveland - Cigars

        Benjamin Harrison - Cigars

        Ulysses S Grant - Cigars

        Andrew Johnson - Cigars

        Zachary Taylor - Cigars

        John Tyler - Cigars

        William Henry Harrison - Pipe

        Martin Van Buren - Pipe

        Andrew Jackson - Cigars

        John Quincy Adams - Cigars

        James Madison - Cigars

        John Adams - Cigars

and the award goes to . . . the one and only . .
the Electro-Cigs !

Spotlight On...

From A to Z,   All About Electronic Cigs

  • Electronic Cigarettes are the coolest thing since sliced bread.
  • If James Dean were alive today - he'd be smoking electronic cigarettes.
  • If every smoker switched to e-cigs - it would save the medical industry over 100 Billion dollars a year.
  • Let's all switch to e-cigs and stick it to the tobacco lobbiests.
  • Imagine - no more burn holes in your new carpet.
  • Don't worry about the Bic company - they still got pens.
  • Ever drink a beer with a butt in it? - not any more.
  • Remember having to go out the side door - when its 10 below?
  • You know that A-H at work who complains about smokers all the time - blow some vaper in his face.
  • What the heck are we gonna do with all those ashtrays?
  • You know where Phillip Morris and R.J. Reynolds can go.
  • I heard that OBL was a smoker.