Health Risks of Electronic Cigarettes

Since electronic cigarettes are so new to the marketplace, research on them is very limited.   Due to this scarceness of research, the health risks involved are not as conclusive as we would like them to be.   The most common concern over the use of electronic cigarettes is that children may be attracted to them.   This attraction to electronic cigarettes by children and teenagers, who are underage, is mainly due to the various flavorings of electro-cigs as well as their ease of acquisition.   They can be acquired easily on the internet, where verifying one's age is iffy at best.

Are there actually any health risks to using electronic cigarettes?   That depends on which electro-cigs you decide to use.   Those which have nicotine may have a slight health risk involved with their use.   Those without any nicotine have virtually no health risks whatsoever.

The major health risks involved with smoking traditional cigarettes are the actual smoke itself, the tar, the nicotine and the thousands of carcinogens and toxicants.   Electronic cigarettes eliminate all but the nicotine;   and the nicotine contained in electro-cigs is a tiny fraction of that in the traditional cigarette.

It is suggested that when switching from traditional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes, to first go with electro-cigs that contains some nicotine.   This way, your transformation will be a lot less noticeable.   Once you're okay with smoking electro-cigs with nicotine, you can then try an electro-cig without nicotine.   Don't worry about choices.   There are plenty of flavors to choose from.

What does the medical industry have to say about electronic cigarettes?   The American Association of Public Health Physicians endorses the use of electro-cigs (to adults).   They state that 4 to 8 million lives can be saved over the next twenty years as a result of tobacco related illness.

The United Kingdom Government Advisory has issued a report stating that switching from traditional to electronic cigarettes would save lives.

The Boston University School of Public Health has stated that making the switch from traditional to electronic cigarettes is not only safer but can greatly aid in breaking the smoking habit.

All in all, switching from traditional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes is much healthier than continuing to smoke those horrible coffin nails.

Anyone out there who is still inhaling those cancer sticks should seriously consider making the switch.

So, instead of continuing to hammer in those coffin nails, why not get yourself a crowbar (electro-cig) and start pulling them out?

and the award goes to . . . the one and only . .
the Electro-Cigs !

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